Qatar: New Geopolitical Shift in the Middle East


As soon as Qatar was accused of supporting terrorism, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen announced a break in diplomatic relations with Qatar. This conflict promises interesting political combinations for the main players in the Middle East.

Who will benifit?

Firstly, it is Turkey, whose president recalls with nostalgia those times when it was the Ottoman Empire that ruled and controlled everything, and the Turkish sultans were also the religious leaders of Muslims, and undeniable.

Secondly, it is Iran - a country in general of a different, Persian civilization, and another, Shiite, spirituality.

Thirdly, this is Russia, which, as usual, is many-sided, and in its fifth part of the spiritual hypostasis can be considered one of the most powerful Muslim countries in the world.

Well, fourthly, this is the United States, which, however, is not a local regional country, but since they behave like a barrel to each barrel - in the Middle East region they use great influence. This is even if you do not take into account the undeveloped bridgehead of America here - Israel. And it can not be taken into account does not work.