Putin's Ceremony of coming into power


Today in the Moscow Kremlin there has already been a traditional inauguration of the Russian president,  which is for the  4th time Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


There is no legislative regulation of the presidential inauguration in Russia. Article 82 of the Constitution contains only the text of the oath, consisting of 33 words. In modern Russia, the procedure for inauguration under the Law "On Elections of the Head of State" takes place on the 30th day after the announcement by the Central Electoral Commission of the election results. In modern Russia, the inauguration is attended by the Patriarch and higher church ministers as special guests. This is respect for traditions and a symbol of support for the president from an important public institution. Also on the Cathedral Square the head of state accepts the parade of the Presidential Regiment.

International reaction

While covering the inauguration of the Russian president, the American media drew attention to the scale of Putin's power, and the British BBC compared him to several Russian tsars.

It can be noted that American and British media continue to regard Putin as a strong opponent, but point to the problems that Russia is dealing with in the economic sphere. Their decisions, according to Bloolmberg, are directly related to relations with the West, burdened by conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and the situation of the opposition within Russia. The Germans, while cautioning about the geopolitical confrontation between Russia and the West, rely on Berlin's mediating role.