Putin-Macron first meeting: no positive movements


On May 29, Vladimir Putin met for the first time with Emmanuel Macron. During the meeting, the Leaders of two countries discussed prospects for cooperation in the economic and political fields.

The meeting with a somber character

From Paris there is not yet adequate information about what happened in Versailles between Putin and Macron. As the most adequate observers estimate the information that nothing happened.

In this regard, local observers monitored the joint press conference in Versailles. Most often the opinion is expressed that both leaders were gloomy enough.

Emmanuel Macron extremely absurdly evaded the question of the temperature of communication with Vladimir Putin, ridiculously jumped on the topic of global warming and in general - several times rude press.

Putin looked closed and indifferent, and even tired. It seemed that he waited with indifference for the same questions, which he answered many times.

The results

Throughout the press conference, the globalist Macron spoke a lot about Russian-French friendship, under which he called for Russia to accept European "values." Also, the French President did not forget to raise globalists favourite topics of LGBT rights and the tyranny of the "terrible" Assad in Syria.

However, despite the many empty statements by Macron, this meeting at Versailles has no effect on the positive development of the French-Russian relations. Judging by the fact that no contracts, no statements or communiqué, with the exception of this gloomy press conference, were presented to the public, the visit was not prepared  at all. Common themes for the conversation were predictable - but in the same way it was predictable that solutions for them would not be found.

Thus, the current negotiations between the presidents of Russia and France can certainly be crossed out of a diplomatic and political asset.