Putin and Netanyahu meet


The Prime Minister of Israel is visiting Moscow.

Official agenda

During the forthcoming talks, a thorough exchange of views on the current situation in the Middle East is planned, primarily in the context of joint efforts to counter international terrorism. It is also expected that key aspects of Palestinian-Israeli issues will be discussed.

The President of Russia and the Prime Minister of Israel have traditionally paid attention to topical issues on the bilateral agenda, including further building Russian-Israeli cooperation in the trade, economic, and humanitarian spheres.

Zionist lobby

It is obvious that the Zionists want to keep abreast of current events and understand the intentions of the leader of Russia. This is the reason behind the frequent trips of the Israeli Prime Minister to Moscow recently. It is important for the Zionist regime to have feedback with the Russian leadership, especially on the sensitive Palestinian issue and the growing criticism of Israel's actions by the international community.

Also, the Embassy of Israel in Russia will receive new instructions on maintaining influence through Jewish organizations and communities.

Changes in the situation in the Middle East

The feeling that the war in Syria will finish soon and the new role of Russia in the region also draw Israel towards looking at Moscow as a possible ally. Although the US remains a partner of Israel, the uncertainty of Washington's foreign policy puts Tel Aviv in a difficult position.

Israel needs a reliable patron, since without a geopolitical umbrella, this state is doomed to serious problems.