Putin addresses Russian Federal Assembly

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly.  The balance of accomplishments and results of the year, as well as plans for the future, were outlined.  The Russian President made his address amid a difficult international situation, so he started his address with subjects relating to foreign affairs.

Syrian War
Putin blamed the West for its prior support for terrorist organizations, and double standards regarding the threat of terror. He pointed out that the western desire to topple undesirable regimes and crudely dictate their rules has turned the Middle East into an area of chaos and anarchy.
Putin openly acknowledged that Russia protects its national interests in Syria by  eliminating terrorists, many of whom are from CIS countries.
The Russian President also said that one of the Russian goals in Syria is the testing of Russian military force.
Another main issue broached by Putin was the Russian-Turkish crisis. He blamed Erdogan for his support for terrorists, and dropped a hint to the Turkish establishment that Russia was and is prepared for compromises with any Turkish leader except for Erdogan.
He made a distinction between Turkish leadership and Turkish people and society. Putin dropped a delicate hint that Russian pressure on Turkey will not include only economic measures.
Anti-crisis measures

Regarding internal politics, the economy, and the social sphere, Putin concentrated mostly upon support for social services, diversification of the economy, and judicial reform. All of his proposals were aimed at supporting the stability of the country. This need is understandable under conditions of ongoing war.