The probability of a ground invasion in Syria is growing

The United Arab Emirates announced its readiness to invade Syria as part of the US-led coalition. Over the past few days  representatives of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain made similar statements. US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter positively assessed such initiatives.

The American initiative

Previously, the need for ground operations in Syria was proclaimed by the United States. Such calls were contained in the statements of President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. The reason for the pursuit of such a belligerent strategy by US' allies is the successes of the coalition of officials in Damascus, Moscow and Tehran in Syria and the failure of peace talks. With the delay in the peace process, the pro-American coalition has lost the last chance to influence the development of events in Syria in any other way, except by a direct invasion.

Turkey and the US are ready to attack

Previously, we reported that plans to conduct this operation were coordinated by Turkey and the United States. Turkey continues to concentrate troops along the border with Syria, in preparation for an offensive. Despite being in a coalition, disagreements between Americans and Turks regarding the Kurdish factor continue. The United States received sharp criticism from President Erdogan of Turkey after the visit of Barack Obama's envoy to the center of the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani. The US military already holds the Rmeylan airfield in Syrian Kurdistan, which can be used for the transfer of its own troops and allied forces in the area.

Risk of proliferation of War

The probability of U.S, Turkey and the Gulf States attacking Syria is greater than ever. There is a possibility of a military clash between Turkey and any of the Gulf Countries, on the one hand, and Russia and Iran on the other. There is also the possibility of a fight with the United States, who have Special Forces in northern Syria already.