President of Iran in Moscow


Moscow-Tehran Axis is strengthening

View of Iran

The Iranian president reiterated that the two countries' relations has entered a new phase in recent years, and said, "These relations are not against the interests of any third country."

In relevant remarks on Sunday, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanayee underlined that Tehran and Moscow have boosted their cooperation to a satisfactory level.

"Tehran-Moscow relations are beyond mutual cooperation and even anti-terror cooperation in Syria; the two countries have role-model cooperation in the international arena," Sanayee said.


View of Russia

The Kremlin press service said the two presidents hope to consider the entire spectrum of Russian-Iranian cooperation.

"Special attention will be given to the promulgation of trade and investment, particularly in the context of large joint projects in the energy sector and transport infrastructures," it said.

More deals

Several key documents will be signed in the presence of the two presidents in Moscow on Tuesday.

Putin and Rouhani are expected to sign a package of bilateral documents. The Iranian side said earlier they concern telecommunications, technologies, energy, roads, urban development, standardizing, and sports.

Ministers of foreign affairs, oil, industries, trade, information and communication technologies, the president of the Central Bank, and a group of business executives are accompanying Rouhani on the trip to Moscow.

On the eve of the visit to Moscow, Rouhani mentioned an impressive potential for Russian investors in the country’s energy sector. "A number of oil and gas deposits have been offered to Russian companies," he said in a statement for the media.

Earlier reports said Iran planned to put up 52 hydrocarbon deposits for a bidding contest for international companies. The number included 29 oilfields and 23 natural gas deposits.

Reports named South Azadegan, Shangule, Ab-Teimour, Aban, Peidar, Chemshe Hosh, and Dehloran.

Also, the Iranian authorities put up eighteen exploration blocks for the bidding. The list of foreign companies qualified for the bidding contains 29 names, including the Russian gas giant Gazprom and the oil industry major Lukoil.

Also Iran and Russia diplomacy in Syrian crisis follow reduction of tensions and conflicts, while interferences from outside the region have caused complicated situation in Syria, Libya and Iraq.