Phantom Pain: Carter tries to manipulate India


The outgoing US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter is going to pay his last official visit to India on December 8th. Many experts say that this trip is a desperate attempt to drive a wedge into the process of Eurasian military and political integration.

Lost power

After the United States’ loss of its status of global hegemon, not all political circles were prepared to put up with this. Ashton Carter, of course, is among the representatives of the old elite whose goal is a unipolar world in the interests of global capital. Such a visit, when major functionaries of an outgoing administration try to influence processes beyond their control, is a kind of phantom pain of the former hyper-power. 

Arms exports

Carter is planning to discuss changes in laws aimed at easing the requirements for the export of arms to India with his Indian counterpart Manohar Parrikar. This country is one of the largest markets for the two leading weapons powers: Russia and the United States.

Countering China

It is possible that there will be a kind of bargaining during their talks. Carter can promise New Delhi significant preferences of various kinds in order to subjugate him to globalist networks. The main purpose of such behavior is countering growing Chinese power. India has enough human potential. Moreover, India is a nuclear power. Hence why Washington believes that such a state could be a deterrent to China's rapid expansion.