Peaceful protests violently dispersed in the United States


Non-lethal weapons and armored vehicles have been used against a group of citizens opposing the construction of an oil pipeline in the state of North Dakota.

Victims of the American system

At the moment, it is known that more than 20 people from among the activists who had gathered for a peaceful prayer have been arrested. It is telling that the participants of the event did not do anything to provoke US law enforcement to attack.

The use of force began after the state governor declared a state of emergency.

A private security firm has also used dogs to attack people. About six people were beaten, including a pregnant woman and several children.

Native Americans vs. corporations

According to the planned project, the pipeline will run through Native American territory. Around 300 tribes reside in the pipeline’s zone and are opposing its construction.

In addition, environmentalists, especially from water-protection organizations, have also declared their protest against the pipeline.

Although Barack Obama promised to look into this issue, the facts demonstrate that nobody has considered the people’s opinion.