Obama in Greece: The last flight of the lame duck


Barack Obama begins his last tour as US president on November 15th. He plans to visit Greece, Germany, and Peru. The first place that President Obama is going to visit will be Athens.

Common mockery

According to the official statements of the White House, Obama is going to announce support for the "ongoing efforts to stabilize the Greek economy", as well as to appreciate the "hospitality of the Greek government and people extended to the refugees and migrants". Both statements may be considered an inappropriate joke: the Greek economy is still in very critical condition, and the country is facing a migration crisis leading to a humanitarian and demographic catastrophe.

The Democrat’s requests

Moreover, Barack Obama is going to demand that the Greek government support the anti-Russian sanctions on the ballot in the EU in December, as well as ban Russian warships from entering Greek ports. In addition, Obama is going to demand that Greece remove its veto on Macedonia’s entry into NATO.

National interests against neoliberal delusion

All of Obama’s demands for Athens are a classic example of the pressure exerted on national governments by globalists. Neoliberals demand the renunciation of individual countries’ own interests in favor of a "common good". However, the reality is that following this course leads to ruin, degradation, and sometimes the total destruction of states.