A new wave of terrorism because of the Temple Mount?

In Jerusalem, for the first time in many years, there was a terrorist act on a passenger bus. Although no one was killed, several people were injured. The attack occurred on the eve of the Jewish Passover celebration in the background of the next exacerbation of the conflict between Jews and Palestinians over the Temple Mount.

Israel refuses to comply with the requirements of UNESCO

Last Friday, UNESCO asked the Israeli authorities to regain control of the complex of Muslim Holy Places in the hands of the Muslims. In addition, the Zionists were urged to cede control over access to the al-Aqsa Mosque to Muslims and to give the management of restoration work at the site to them. The latter is especially important because, for Muslims, Palestinians perceive the Israeli archeological and restoration works on the sacred place negatively. The Israelis are suspected of trying to cause the collapse of the Muslim holy places and attempting to clear a space for a third Temple. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has negatively reacted to the recommendations, refusing to comply with the requirements. The week before the attack, Netanyahu hastened to declare a recession in the wave of terrorism caused by the fact that in October last year, Israeli forces limited the access of Muslims to the Temple Mount.

Sacred place

The territory of the Temple Mount is considered to be a sacred place for both Jews and Muslims. Located here is the Temple of Jerusalem - the center of Jewish religion and the only place of worship and performing sacrifices, which in the opinion of the Jews will be restored to the coming of Mashiach. In turn, the Jewish Messiah is believed to be the Antichrist by Orthodox Christians, and many Muslims - Dajjal.

Muslims believe, in turn, that it is at this place Mohammed was moved from Mecca (the Isra) and climbed to the heavens (Mi'raj). At this point there is the Muslim Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The attack occurred against the background of the next exacerbation of relations between Israel and Hamas and control of the Gaza Strip. Tunnels were found on the same day from Gaza into Israel, allegedly used to carry out terrorist attacks. The blockade of Gaza, periodic punitive actions, and uncertainty over the creation of a Palestinian state all feed the capacity of extremism and terrorism in Palestine, and most likely, a new wave of terrorism will follow the attack. In response, Israel will once again launch airstrikes in Gaza.