NATO threatens Russia with a "trident" in the Arctic


On the night of October 25, NATO military exercises, Trident Juncture, the largest since the end of the Cold War, started in Norway. All 29 countries of the bloc are involved in the maneuvers, plus Sweden and Finland.

Eastern Europe - Cannon Fodder

In terms of the number of servicemen, the “Trident Juncture” is three times higher than the Russian-Belarusian “West-2017”. Ratio: 50 vs. 13 thousand. 10 thousand units of military equipment, 250 aircraft and 65 ships were brought to Norway. The maneuvering commander of the US Navy in Europe and Africa, James Foggo, left open the question of whether NATO would use the nuclear element.

The basis of the "Single Trident" is made up of Americans and Germans, who sent 14 and 10 thousand troops to the Scandinavian country.

Unlike the previous exercises, where the dominant role was played by the NATO countries of the “first grade” - the USA, Germany, and so on - at the present exercises the control system is being worked out, and the entire blow is put on the countries of Eastern Europe. That is, according to the scenario and legend of the teachings, we already know exactly who will be written off in case of the hot phase of the Third World War. This is Eastern Europe. It will be sent to the inferno, it will be sent to the front. While “first grade” countries remain in the rear and provide support in a passive manner. The deployment of American attack systems under the guise of missile defense and military equipment in Eastern Europe is not accidental. This equipment is supplied in order, if necessary, to plant there not an American or a British, but Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, and Poles. And use them as cannon fodder.

Why precisely Norway?

In the event of a large-scale war in the Old World, NATO needs control of the North Atlantic to deliver reinforcements from the United States and Canada. Another important reason is Norway’s access to the Arctic Ocean. Over the Arctic Circle, Russia has more military bases and icebreakers than all NATO countries in the region put together. The Arctic in the light of melting ice is the shortest route from Asia to Europe. It is concentrated 30% of world gas reserves and 13% of oil. NATO fears the transformation of the Arctic into the inland sea of ​​Russia, as it was with the Caspian of the Soviet era.

As part of the "trident", the military will repel the attack of the conditional enemy "North" - that is, Russia, occupying part of the territory of Norway. It should come to the aid of the forces of the “South”, which will throw the forces of the “North” beyond the borders of Norway.

    NATO now has two important goals. The first is military: to work out measures, as they say, to contain Russia, namely the military plan, that is, to work out measures of combat reconciliation and rapid deployment in the context of conducting counter-offensive operations. As they note, an important aspect of these exercises is the development of anti-submarine warfare measures. The notorious Icelandic antisubmarine line, which was during the Cold War, and which they are now trying to reanimate, comes to mind. That is, to develop and work out in practice those measures that would allow the closure of the Atlantic for Russian submarines