NATO-Russia Council: The Alliance’s New Strategy


A meeting of the NATO-Russia Council at the ambassadorial level is going to be held today.

The previous council

The previous council held in the same format in July announced that the alliance “would not deal with Russia as long as it does not respect international law.” Since then, Russia’s position has not really changed, as the country continues to follow international law in contrast to the West. Now the second council this year is being convened after two years of a complete rupture of relations.

The whole situation

NATO constantly claims peaceful intentions, but the real facts show a different picture. It is enough to consider the recent actions of the alliance. NATO is continuing to expand its capacity in the Black Sea region. At the same time, there are attempts to violate international maritime laws. In addition, several major military exercises have been conducted. Moreover, countries neighboring Russia whose constitutions designate neutrality are being drawn into collaboration with NATO.

Therefore, no special expectations should be held for this council. 

A “loud statement”

On the eve of the Russia-NATO Council,  US Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador Douglas Lute said that, despite allies and partners’ opinion, Russia is not going to attack NATO. This fact is obvious for Moscow. Moreover, this public recognition by one of the alliance’s central figures actually means a new strategy in relations with Russia. However, it is not worth counting on the alliance being any more friendly.