NATO exercises launched in Czech Republic


The “Ample Strike” maneuvers will last until September 20th.


The exercises’ task is practicing the coordination of ground troops who will transmit data to Air Force crews for strikes on ground targets. The “Forward Air Controllers” technique will be used in pre-prepared scenarios.


1.5 thousand military personnel from 17 countries, and 34 aircraft systems including B-1 and B-52 US strategic bombers, CS-135R tanker aircraft, JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets, and Apache helicopters will participate in the maneuvers. Four airfields will be used in the Czech Republic in addition to NATO airbases in the UK, Germany and Hungary.

Strategic approach

The list of participants was approved in April 2016. It has already been pointed out that a key factor in the joint maneuvers is the attendance of the US Air Force. This approach hints at who the conductor of the event is and who could be the potential target of a possible conflict.