The “Mystery” of Obama’s European tour


The showman from the White House is paying a visit to a number of EU countries to campaign for the strengthening of NATO.

The liberals’ agony

The first country where Barack Obama began his NATO propaganda tour was Greece. The US president's visit took place against the backdrop of mass protests.

It is very ironic that Obama is speaking about NATO defense in countries which have long been members of this alliance. This points to their disappointment with the practical work of the military-political bloc as well as the growing discontent with the growth of expenses tied to the anti-Russian campaign, the indefinite "Atlantic Resolve”, and the lack of measures to control migration flows.

In addition, Obama is trying to convince Europeans that his successor, Donald Trump, will not take any radical measures affecting the stationing of US troops in Europe and the reduction of costs within NATO. But it is likely that Donald Trump will in fact do so to fulfill campaign promises in the framework of the strategy of isolationism and to restore normal relations with Russia.

Next show in Germany

An international conference on the problem of ISIS will be held on November 17th in Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Barack Obama are going to participate in this event. The American president is once again expected to use liberal rhetoric and unrealistic promises, this time in relation to Germany.

At the moment, the main US military contingent in all of Europe is in Germany, with bases in several cities. However, the majority of citizens of the country have understood that liberal policies are the cause of many ongoing crises. Moreover, Merkel's popularity has fallen significantly. The parliamentary elections to be held in Germany in 2017 will clearly demonstrate the victory of Eurosceptics and the failure of the liberal parties.