Moscow-Tehran-Damascus: Together against Terrorism


Today, Moscow will host a meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, Iran, and Syria. Sergei Lavrov, Javad Zarif, and Walid Muallem will discuss the Middle Eastern crisis in all its aspects, including the situation in Syria and Iraq.


The meeting will take place against the backdrop of another provocation by the West, which  continues to accuse Moscow and Damascus of war crimes for bombardments causing massive casualties among civilians. However, Russia has not only proven the fabrication of the US’ "evidence", but has also provided publicly available documents clearly showing the course of the execution of agreements with Washington. Such reveal that the US is leading the fight against terrorism in the Middle East no more than symbolically.


The importance of such a tripartite meeting has been stressed by the leaders of many Middle Eastern countries in addition to the participants, Iran and Syria. In addition to the fact that some fundamental breakthroughs are expected, the countries are working together in a very close format and the meeting will allow for greater transparency in operations.

The Iranian and Syrian sides have noted the failure of the American-Arab script for the conflict in contrast to the effectiveness of Russia's operation in Syria.