Moldovia is being pushed to civil war


The Moldovan president confirmed in an interview with Deutsche Welle that he considers the best choice for the country development of relations with Russia, rather than joining the EU, which can lead to civil war

Pro-Russian or pro-Moldovan?

Responding to a question about whether the crisis of power in Moldova is a consequence of a pro-Russian orientation, Dodon said:

Unfortunately, during the entire period of Moldova's independence - in the last 26 years - political elites were divided into pro-European and pro-Russian ones. This is bad for Moldova. Therefore, there is certainly an attempt to present me as a purely pro-Russian politician. But this is a big mistake. First of all, I'm a pro-Moldovan politician. I believe that Moldova can survive if it has good relations with both the West and the East. We can not be friends with Russia against Europe or with Europe against Russia. "

About "eurointegration" of Moldova

The President admits that Moldova should have good relations with the European Union. The EU is a neighbor of Moldova. The visa-free regime with the EU is very important. In addition, there is a current association agreement with the EU. Dodon "has many critical remarks to this agreement, but it is working, certain reforms are being carried out inside the country."

At the same time, the Moldovan president is convinced that his country will never "become a member of the EU": "neither Brussels nor Moldova itself is ready for this, Moldova as a country can survive only through friendship with all its neighbors. Russian-speaking.

How the EU destroys the Moldovan economy

On the way to "European integration" Moldova faces, according to its president, not only with insurmountable political, but also with serious economic problems: "We signed an agreement on free trade with the EU and opened the market for European goods, and our local producers became uncompetitive. Because the producers from Europe receive serious subsidies, we can not give the same, and we are destroying our domestic producer. There are also some questions on the political side. "Moldova is a neutral country, and we must not only maintain but also strengthen our neutrality."

And the most important thing

Answering perhaps the most important question, is he still confident that Moldova stands on the threshold of the civil war in the conditions when dozens of citizens signed declarations in support of joining Romania, and hundreds - about the need to protect the statehood of Moldova, Dodon recognized:

I believe that if at some stage the Moldovan leadership at the official level tries to go through unification with Romania and the elimination of Moldovan statehood, then civil war will begin. "

The President of Moldova reminded that the country had already passed through it in the early 1990s when the Transnistrian problem arose.