Military exercises start in the South China Sea


China has begun maneuvers in the disputed Paracel (Xisha) Islands.


The military exercises will last until the 11th of July. The Maritime Safety Administration of China previously notified any civil vessels of the ban on staying in the area of ​​the exercise.

As part of a group of warships, missile cruisers Shenyang and Ningbo, as well as a frigate Chaozhou will participate.



Vietnam and Taiwan also laid claim to some islands in this area.

And on July 12th, the UN Arbitration Court will consider the dispute between China and the Philippines on the proper number of islands and maritime boundaries in the South China Sea.

After coming to power, the new president of the Philippines declared the need to normalize relations with China and review the contracts of hosting the military forces of the United States in the country.


The Russian factor

It should be noted that the official website of the People's Liberation Army of China in respect of these maneuvers has noted the positive role of Russia on the issue of the South China Sea and international security.

Also, on July 3rd Russia the joint Russian-Chinese exercise to combat terrorism "Cooperation-2016” started. Drills are being held in the Moscow and Smolensk regions. From China, "Snow Leopard" and "Falcon" special commando units are involved.