The meeting in Peru: first summit of the multipolar world


The APEC summit begins in Peru November 17th, which will last for three days. A number of important meetings could happen during the summit that would mark the contours of a multipolar world.

After Trump’s victory

This summit is the first such event since Donald Trump's winning the presidential election in the US, which has marked the end of the global hegemony of the US neo-liberal elites. Therefore, the leaders of countries, previously fallen under the heavy influence of the US in recent years, may take a more independent position and actively promote their own national interests.

Russian agenda

The summit of the foreign ministers of Russia and the United States was scheduled on November 17th. In addition, the possible meeting with the president of the United States Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is going to be held.


APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) brings together 21 leading economies of the world for the purpose of cooperation in trade and economic development of the region. The main objective of the APEC until 2020 has been the call for facilitating the establishment of a system of a free investment regime in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Russian business community, regularly taking part in the APEC summits, uses this opportunity to not only hold general discussions, but also some private talks with colleagues from other countries.