Massive strike being prepared against terrorists in Syria


While the Syrian Army and its allies are inflicting blows on illegal formations on land, Russian Aerospace Forces and the Russian Navy are planning to launch a massive bombing of the terrorists’ warehouses, depots, and logistics routes.

Russian ships on the Syrian coast

At the moment, a group of Russian naval vessels is maneuvering near the Syrian coast. The group includes the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and the Peter the Great nuclear-powered cruiser.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, there have been no provocations by any state. NATO aircraft are afraid to approach the Russian ships any closer than 50 km.

Strategic bombers are ready to fly

The TU-160 and TU-95 strategic missile carriers located at the Engels Airbase in the Saratov region have been transferred to combat duty. Cruise missiles for the application of high-precision strikes on terrorist positions have already been installed on the planes.

First and foremost, targets in Aleppo province will be attacked in order to allow the continuation of land operations. 

Routing key militant positions

Yesterday, the Syrian Army was reported to have liberated several facilities in the suburbs of Aleppo and near Damascus. In addition, a terrorist plant for the production of mines and roadside bombs was captured.

The influence of the US elections on the conflict in Syria

Almost immediately after the victory of Donald Trump, a number of terrorist groups requested a truce.

The terrorists’ sponsors in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are also in panic.