Macron's Win: In The Name of The Globalism


Globalist Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election on Sunday over Patriot Marine Le Pen.

Miracle did not happen

The victory of Macron did not come as a surprise. Already after the first round, most of the eligible candidates called on their voters to vote against Le Pen. Thus, the globalists candidate received an undeserved advantage in the second round.

As of early Monday morning local time in Paris, Macron had won 64.78 percent of the vote while Le Pen had earned 35.22 percent, according to the French Ministry of the Interior.

Hollande #2

The new French president is very similar to the outgoing Francois Hollande, the most disastrous in the history of the Fifth Republic, and will certainly repeat his fate.

It is useless to examine what Makron will do at his position, whether he will fulfill his election promises. The point is: Macron himself does not know what he will do. He will follow orders from his masters.

Under Macron France will have much more problems. He will destroy the French identity, still keeping the country's borders open for illegal migration. He will consistently deprive the French of democratic rights and freedoms under the pretext of combating terrorism. Macron will fully support the anti-Russian policy of the EU. He will not change the current policy of France in Syria.

In general, Macron will do everything that his predecessor did. Or will not, if he will receive such a command from his powerful masters.