Macedonia Close to New Phase of Color Revolution

The Prime Minister of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski resigned. The Parliament of this Balkan country declared its dissolution. On April 24, the early parliamentary elections is to be held, which’s results will form the new government. This decision was taken in order to fulfill the terms of the inter-party agreement signed with the EU mediation on July 15, 2015.

Macedonian Crisis

The current Macedonian crisis lasts since 2014. Then, the early parliamentary elections that was won by the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity. The opposite Social Democratic Union tried to dispute the election results, and to overthrow the legitimate power during the mass protests. Gruevski’s supporters organized counter demonstrations.

Color Revolution in Macedonian

The opposition’s actions included threats, blackmail, and arrangement of mass protests similar to the Color Revolutions. A significant support was provided to the opposition from abroad. In particular, George Soros was accused for the involvement in Macedonian riots.

Albanian factor

The population of Macedonia consists of 25% of the Albanians. The representative of this community joined the protests, supporting the Color Revolution with human and financial resources, as well as Albanian media’s support. The Macedonian Albanian separatists has closely connection to Kosovo and its Western sponsors. On May 9-10, 2015, in the city of Kumanovo, the Macedonian security forces eliminated a large group of Albanian militants.

Conflict Geopolitical Background

The Western media and the EU and US representatives backed the opposition since the beginning of the conflict. Nikola Gruevski was accused of the power usurpation and the will to become the “dictator.” The Geopolitical reasons for this events are Gruevski’s attempts to conduct multi-vector policy, including to strengthen relations with Russia.  He agreed to allow the passage of the Turkish stream branches through Macedonia, which would strengthen the relationship of the Balkan country and Russia. The conflict in Macedonia would put into the question the pipeline construction to continental Europe.

New Crisis Threat

New Crisis Threat

The Macedonian leadership, in the lack of significant support from continentalists geopolitical pole, has to maneuver in order to remain in office. Therefore, it had to make concessions and the EU signed the plan. Nikola Gruevski aims to hold elections as soon as possible, while he enjoys strong popularity among the voters. The his party secretary general Emil Dmitriev was elected as caretaker Prime Minister. This decision has led to opposition protests, which declared the elections boycotts. In the near future, the country will start a new wave of Color Revolution. The country is close to the serious destabilization. The Albanian militants attacks is expected too.