Japan's economy minister arrives in Moscow


On the agenda is the signing of numerous documents on bilateral cooperation between Russia and Japan.


During Vladimir Putin's visit to Japan in December 2016, an agreement was reached on cooperation in eight areas, including energy, industry, urban development, agriculture, health, and infrastructural development.

It is expected that the total sum of Japanese investments in Russia provided for in the 68 documents will amount to about 300 billion yen (about $2.54 billion).

Kuril Islands

An important front of cooperation between Japan and Russia could be joint economic activities on the southern Kurils. According to Japanese media reports, the government has already started to prepare for negotiations with the Russian Federation on this matter, and the first intergovernmental consultations on joint activities in the southern Kuril Islands will be held in early this year.

Japan’s foreign policy shift

Tokyo has recently begun to pursue more sovereign policy. This is reflected in the removal of Japanese financial assets from the UK, the adequate reaction to cooperation with Russia, and a critical attitude to a number of US initiatives in the region.