The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter is paying a visit to Turkey today Friday, October 21st. The chief of the Pentagon is meeting with all key partners of the Counter-Daesh coalition. He also plans to discuss the current situation in Iraq, including the start of the fight for Mosul, as well as a number of other issues.

After the coup

Carter's visit to Turkey is held against the background of a sharp alienation that began with the failed upheaval attempt in the country in the summer of 2016. Turkish security services have declared the direct involvement of US military advisers and spies was a major factor in the coup.


Another issue to discuss with the Turkish leadership will likely be the Incirlik Air Base. It is operated by the US Air Force Command in Europe. During the coup attempt, this base was become one of the main strongholds of the rebels. Patriotic groups  in Turkey insisted on closing the base and in the future to withdraw from NATO.

Kurdish factor

Another very serious issue in relations between Washington and Ankara are the Kurds. Turkish troops are currently battling with various Kurdish groups in Syria. Meanwhile, the US openly supports the Kurds, supplying them with arms and ammunition. Americans are planning to use Kurdish formations as the main force to achieve their military and political objectives in the region. Also there exists the "Greater Middle East" plan, composed by Ralph Peters, which includes a state of Kurdistan, formed from the Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi territories.