Has a new page of history started in Korea?


On the border of North and South Korea, a sensational meeting took place between the heads of the two countries. The meeting was held in an extremely friendly atmosphere, the leaders joked, exchanged warm words and, most importantly, agreed on important things.


I believe that the North and the South will unite in the future "
- said Kim Jong-un

If Pyongyang's priority is the unification of a divided nation, Seoul focuses on getting the peninsula out of nuclear weapons. According to Mun Zhe Ying, he was able to agree with his North Korean counterpart on the full denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, which will be achieved.

In a joint statement, it was stressed that on the peninsula "there will be no more war, and a new era of peace begins."

The breakthrough and the approach of peace in one of the most turbulent regions seemed to be impossible until recently. Especially after coming to power in the US President Donald Trump. Even less than a year ago, he threatened "with fire and sword" to respond to the nuclear and missile programs of the DPRK. Pyongyang continued to experience ballistic missiles, one of which flew to Japan, which hosts US military bases, and the other, according to North Korea, could reach the territory of the United States itself. The Americans initiated a new package of stifling sanctions against the rebellious Pyongyang, while the US Navy periodically approached the Korean waters.

With the approach of the Olympics in South Korean Pyeongchang, where the two Koreas took the same flag, the situation changed by 180 degrees.

American position

The DPRK demonstrated its readiness for a peaceful dialogue with the United States. Kim Jong-un has already met with the new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. The next step will be a meeting with President Donald Trump, which may take place in the near future.

Donald Trump hopes that he will manage, at least, to get a declaration from North Korea that she will eventually give up nuclear weapons somewhere in the future. This is very important for him: he needs foreign policy success. North Koreans also need some kind of normalization with the US, without this they will not eliminate the threat to their regime, they will not receive the lifting of sanctions. So here both sides will be interested in success.