General election in Peru

Sunday 10th April, as 23 million Peruvians decided on the country's president and 130 MPs.


The centre-right (liberal) Fuerza Popular, represented by Keiko Fujimori, is the leader of race according to the polls. She imay be described as agent of US. Verónika Mendoza, who withdrew from the ruling Humala party (nationalist) in 2012 (because of repression of protesters and strikers in Espinar Province), and former Economy and Finance Minister Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, are in second and third place respectively. Representing the left is ex-president (1985-90) Alan Garcia (APRA) and Alfredo Barnechea, who is from the centre-left Accion Popular party.

The legacy of Fujimori

On April 5th, numerous protests were held in Peru's capital of Lima against presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori - daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, who came to power through a coup in 1992. In his decade of authoritarian rule in the country, he carried out the killings of political opponents, forced sterilisation upon women, and committed other crimes.

Keiko has distanced herself from the legacy of her father and ran in the presidential elections in 2011, where she has lost.

Victory of Keiko means more liberal politics including economic reforms led by IMF, rise of transnational corporations and promotion of LGBT.

The specifics of the region

Latin America is characterized by political victories by strong charismatic leaders such as Chaves or Peron. Because of this, ideological movements like Chavism and Peronism appeared. The activity of Keiko Fujimori is associated with an attempt to create a new version for Fujimorism in Peru.

The White House’s interests

On the other hand, US intervention in Latin American affairs is predicted. In Argentina, a protégé of the United States was brought to power, and in Venezuela pro-American opposition has taken a majority of seats in parliament. It is obvious that the most appropriate president for Washington is Keiko Fujimori, who was a student at Boston University, and in 2006 received an MBA from Columbia University, and her husband is a US citizen.