François Fillon will continue to "fight"


The double standards of the French presidential candidate from the Republican Party.

Support rally

Yesterday in France, mass rallies were held in support of François Fillon. The former French Prime Minister sees no obstacles to continuing to participate in the presidential race. He stated this on Sunday, March 5th, on the TV channel France 2. Earlier, Fillon was accused of illegally employing his wife and children in the French Parliament.

Right conservative or agent of the system?

Fillon's victory in the primaries for the Republicans was a surprise, since the tip of the Republican Party was confident that the Republican candidate would be Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppe. Fillon could be called the “most right-wing" of the Republican Party. Although many points of his program have a conservative orientation (for example, he opposes LGBT), in the economic sphere he is in favor of liberal values.

At a rally yesterday, he said that the socialists are better than the liberal Emmanuel Macron, who has proved to be an element of the system. Furthermore, it is known that he has ties to the Masons.

Le Pen as a chance for France

In the end, between three candidates, only Marine Le Pen has a coherent policy bearing a national character and criticizes the globalist agenda. In an interview with CBS News, the leader of the National Front expressed that the real threat to Europe is the outbreak of a new Cold War, not Russia as the liberal globalists says.