The Final Step: Trump will make it to the White House


Direct presidential elections are going to be held in the US on December 19th. 538 electors from all 50 North American states will gather to decide who will lead the country for the next four years.


In order to claim a stunning victory, Trump needs to garner 270 electoral votes out of 538. As a result of the popular vote which took place on November 8th, the Republican candidate received 306 votes from the representatives of 30 states. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, won 232 voting representatives from 20 states.


The globalist networks of influence were not prepared for such an outcome of the elections. After November 8th, rather than accept defeat, the liberals and neocons began scheming inside the American establishment. Marginalized groups came out onto the streets along with illegal immigrants, LGBT, and other radical groups. The delegates themselves have been under considerable pressure, several of them refusing to vote for Trump even though they are representatives of states in which the Republicans won.


Despite the best efforts of the neo-liberals and political clans connected with them, they have been unable to convince all 36 electors not to vote for Trump. In turn, a number of patriotic organizations have provided delegates with security and broad masses of ordinary Americans have rallied around them.