The final hearing on the impeachment of Rousseff begins in Brazil


The Senate will consider views "for" and "against" the removal of the President of the country from power.

The last fight

The opposition should get 54 votes out of 81 to block Dilma Rousseff's return to her duties. There is a chance that it will succeed, since Rousseff opponents widely engaged in bribery. Liberals have succeeded in destroying the ruling coalition, of which six parties departed.



Dilma Rousseff is charged with mishandling the budget, as well charges related to non-transparent transactions dealing with «Petrobras» state energy company. Similar charges were put forward against former President Ignacio "Lula" da Silva.


Possible consequences

During the impeachment the new acting President will be mason Michel Temer. However, for him too there is evidence of corruption and abuse of the office. In addition, he is unlikely to form a ruling coalition. Acute polarization will affect not only the legislature but also the other institutions of government and society as a whole.

The United States and neoliberal hand is present here, which wants to establish control over Brazil, rich in natural resources and has serious geopolitical potential.

Membership in BRICS will be rather formal, multipolarity of course will be rolled up, Washington will begin to assign posts to their puppets. Also, these perturbations will affect Brazil's membership in regional blocs - CELAC, Mercosur, Unasur.