Europe revolts against the US


France has once again rebelled against the United States. President Francois Hollande called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia. In turn, the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, Mathias Thecla, announced a halt to negotiations with the US on building the Transatlantic Partnership.

Following Germany

The same gesture was recently made by German officials. Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel stated that negotiations on the signing of the partnership agreement with the United States have reached a stalemate. In turn, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called to stop the arms race engulfing Europe.

Europe against war

Continental Europe's core demonstrates that it is not ready to trail the US in pursuing an escalation of the conflict with Russia. Europe wants to preserve its own subjectivity and build friendly relations with Russia. The fact that the leaderships of France and Germany, which previously supported the anti-Russian initiatives, are now trying to temper the Americans' ardor shows that the matter is very serious. They recognize that the American leadership is taking truly dangerous steps that threaten military conflict. Both France and Germany do not want to be involved in this war. The signing of the Transatlantic Agreement would only further subjugate Europe to the United States in the economic sphere.