EU may lift visas for Georgia and Kosovo


A European Parliament committee voted on this yesterday.

Bureaucratic recommendation

So far, this decision is only a recommendation. Now the question is to be considered by the EU Council and European Parliament.

Whether or not Georgia will receive the visa-free regime depends on how individual EU members will behave. Germany and France have blocked the same recommendation before.

Kosovo and Ukraine on the bandwagon

It was also recommended that the visa regime be lifted for citizens of self-proclaimed Kosovo. However, the majority of Albanians who wanted to move to the Eurozone have already been there for a long time, having arrived in the desired country via smuggling.

Ukraine has not received such recommendations as Kosovo and Georgia have, which indicates the growth of skepticism towards the current leadership of the country. Despite large aid afforded to official Kiev, Ukraine has done nothing to stop corruption and improve the socio-political situation. These facts are causing the EU’s distrust for Ukraine to grow.

EU in crisis

But it is not worth expecting a final decision to be made concerning Georgia and Kosovo. All of the EU countries are in a deep crisis tied to the migration flow, increasing violence, and economic problems.

Some states prefer to invest in security measures and strengthening control at the borders. Therefore, the lobbying of liberal-oriented officials in the European Parliament could come to naught.