The devil for kids: American schools embrace satanistic literature

Following the ruling of the local authorities of the State of Colorado, starting from April 1st, Delta County schools will be supplied with satanistic and atheistic literature. The Freedom from Religion Foundation, Organization of atheists and freethinkers, as well as the Temple of Satan organized the initiative.

Legal deadlock

Atheists are legally allowed to do this, since Delta County area allows any religious groups to have access to schools. At the same time, the concept of a "religious group" is interpreted from a liberal point of view, referring to any entity that considers itself to be so. Atheists recently filed a lawsuit in response to the distribution of free Bibles in schools. The court ordered educational institutions to pay $90,000 in compensation and forced them to take any literature, including satanistic, for distribution. In other words, the problem lies in the very legal system of the United States, providing equal access to both Christians and satanists to schools, and equating good with evil, even rejecting such notions.

Sinister Foundation

Freedom from Religion Foundation is a large organization in the US dedicated to the promotion of atheistic ideas. Its main task is to aggressively attack spirituality and traditional values, and support people who hold such positions. The foundation regularly gives grants to writers, scholars, and journalists to promote the ideas of atheism, sodomy, and the destruction of the foundations of society.