Coup in the United States. Congress declared economic war between Russia and the EU


The House of Representatives of the US Congress adopted tough anti-Russian sanctions (419 votes for vs. 3 votes against), which also dealt a painful blow to the interests of the EU, while simultaneously launching the process of seizing presidential powers from Donald Trump.

Two birds with one stone

So, what happened?

First, the process of depriving President Donald Trump of his presidential powers has been launched. Democrats and Republicans united against the US president.

Secondly, the US Congress declared war on the Russian people, officially declaring Russia, along with the odious North Korea and Iran, the enemy of the United States. From sanctions, for literally everything that Washington does not like in Moscow's policy, even for the fight against terrorism in Syria, will suffer millions of ordinary citizens of Russia.


Europe does not agree

Along with sanctions against Russia, the US Congress declared an economic war on the European Union, since anti-Russian sanctions hurt painfully the interests of leading EU countries and major European energy companies, as they aimed at disrupting the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 and Turkish Stream projects. Therefore, the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned Washington in advance of the adoption of the latest sanctions package: "If European energy companies or other businesses are harmed, Brussels will respond urgently."