Clinton and Trump try on the role of Commander in Chief


Contenders for the presidential race in the United States, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, voiced key provisions of their security policy. For the first time the candidates appeared together (though not in debate format) speaking at the Commander-in Chief Forum on NBC.

The two candidates

As part of the TV program, the presidential candidates speak alternately on issues related to national security, the use of the armed forces, military construction. The goal is to demonstrate their capacity to act as the commander in chief.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, during her speech, wanted to fend off accusations of incompetence. In particular, the former military doubted that the man uses the personal server to transfer confidential information of national importance, can be entrusted to lead the US military. Hillary hastened to assure everyone that any confidential data through the server are not passed. Also, the military accused her of "hawkish position." In response, Clinton countered that takes informed decisions, and the decision to attack Libya, for example, when she was Secretary of State was absolutely correct.

In her speech, Clinton demonstrated that instead of concrete proposals on defense policy prefers to lie about their opponent (attributing Trump supported the invasion of Iraq), to criticize him and to shield her indirect and disputed involvement in the operation to eliminate Osama bin Laden.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, in turn, as the opposition candidate called the existing defense policy to be suicidal. Trump has promised to improve relations with Russia and begin the process of de-escalation of relations. In addition, he noted that for the US and Russia the main aim of cooperation shall be the joint fight against ISIS. Also Trump before to his performance on NBC while speaking in Philadelphia opposed interventionism and regime change policies worldwide. At the same time, he is ready to increase military spending. How these two contradictory points mutch, Trump does not comment.