Campaign for the liberation of Mosul started today


This was officially announced by Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi. Preparations for the operation have lasted about a month.

Strategically important junction

Mosul is located on the territory of northern Iraq and is one of the largest settlements on the banks of the Tigris River. From Mosul, roads lead to Iraqi Kurdistan, the south of the country, as well as to the borders of Syria and Turkey to the north. It is the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad with a population of two million people. When ISIS terrorists seized Mosul in 2014, more than half of the population left the city.

Farce or battle?

The campaign involves about 50,000 troops. In addition to the Iraqi army, the operation includes divisions of the Kurdish self-defense forces (Peshmerga). On the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Turkish military has been deployed, but they are not take part in this campaign.

In addition, it is known that US special forces are involved in the operation, but their participation is not advertised.

Earlier it became known that the US held negotiations with the terrorists and proposed to allow them to leave the city through a previously agreed upon corridor in the direction of Syria. This means that Washington is manipulating the terrorists and intends to aggravate the situation in Syria to create additional challenges for the official leadership of the country and its partners in the antiterrorist coalition, Russia and Iran.