Is CALEXIT possible in the USA?


Measures are being prepared in California which will allow the state to gain full independence from the federal government.

The beginning of the campaign

The political group California Independence Campaign is planning to carry out the necessary legislative initiatives. The party has already asked the state prosecutor on this matter. In addition to them in the state, there are other groups of citizens who have recently proclaimed the need for sovereignty.

At the moment, there is no law which would allow the state to legally secede from the United States. To do so, Californians need to amend the existing Constitution.

However, a referendum on separating from the US might be held in March, 2019 in California.

The history of the movement

The current movement for independence, Yes California, was created by investor Shervin Pishavar. His calls for “California to become its own nation" with his help appeared on Twitter on November 9th immediately after Donald Trump’s victory.

The President of the movement is Louis Marinelli.

The historical precedent

During the Great Depression in the US, thousands of unemployed people, especially farmers in Kansas and Oklahoma, rushed to California in search of jobs. There they met with a very negative attitude on the part of their countrymen.

To prevent even greater number of internal migrants, California authorities have installed fences on the border with neighboring states and put there police cordons.