Barack Obama to deliver the State of the Union address

On January 12th, 2016, the United States President Barack Obama will deliver the “State of the Union” address. In it, the president, addressing both houses of the US Congress, traditionally sets out his assessment of the situation in the country and makes proposals for future legislative initiatives.

Last Obama's speech

This State of the Union Address is the last for Barack Obama. The current US president is a "lame duck." In November 2016 the presidential elections are to be held. This speech will not be like the previous ones. Instead of specific proposals Obama is expected to announce the results of his presidency, and will share his vision of the future of the United States.

An opening for Hillary

According to sources in the White House, Barack Obama uses his address to the nation in order to maximize the impact on the campaign. It will not be an appeal to Congress, but an appeal to the American public. Obama will call to support the main directions of his policy, which will be continued by his most likely successor - Hillary Clinton.

What will be discussed?

Most likely, Obama will offer support for continued US involvement in the Middle East conflict and the war against terrorism around the world. Obama will highlight the need for American global domination of the United States and the fight against those who dare to challenge the US superiority. In domestic policy, Obama will speak in favor of continuing the support for sexual minorities, the fight against global warming and gun control.

Along with Republicans against Trump

Although there is a race, Obama's speech will not be anti-republican in character. Instead, some of his points will be directed against Donald Trump personally, a popular and independent candidate who is at odds with the entire American establishment, both Democrat and Republican.

A difficult legacy

Obama walks away, leaving a grave legacy for America. The problem is not only economic difficulties, or that the US is bogged down in new wars. America for the first time in a long time cannot offer the world and itself any positive program for the future. Obama's program was generally negative, since it destroyed the traditional family and started upheavals around the world that created only permanent chaos and destruction.