Aleppo: the West is furious


US Secretary of State John Kerry has held a briefing during which he once again spoke of “horrors” of the Syrian regime which is saving the civilians of Aleppo from terrorist “well-wishers”.

Humanitarian operation

While Russia is carrying out an intense and complex humanitarian operation for sweeping and de-mining Aleppo, Washington is only in briefings and meetings and is once again calling on Russia to “stop".

Meanwhile, the Syrian government and its allies continue to work. At the present moment, the Russian reconciliation center has reported that 307 buildings were cleared of mines, 37 of which were socially important facilities. 30 kilometers of roads have been checked and in total 2,742 explosive objects in an area of ​​107 hectares have been neutralized.

Viktor Poznihir, the representative of the General Staff of Russia, has reported: “Immediately following the de-mining of all socially important facilities, repair work is beginning. In many neighborhoods, water supplies have been resumed and electricity has been restored. More than five thousand civilians, including 1,529 children, have come back to their homes”.

Cause of discontent

In the near future, Aleppo, with the help of the Russian reconciliation center, will begin to form a local government. The main task will be the restoration of peaceful life in the city. Meanwhile, the West had expected that one of the largest cities of Syria would be under the control of terrorists from the “opposition”. As recognized by Kerry, the US spent $6 billion on “resolving” the situation in Aleppo. In recent time, however, the US has largely only busied itself with the negotiation process and the transfer of “humanitarian” goods to terrorist-controlled territories.

Meanwhile, after the beginning of evacuation, a convoy of buses evacuating people from dangerous areas was shelled. The situation is similar in the smallest details to the shelling of the UN humanitarian column and other “actions” of the US (its participation in the shelling of the UN humanitarian column was proven) who are now gathering their loyal “moderate” opposition after the defeat.

However, John Kerry has blamed government forces for planning in advance and shelling the government column, even though such a scenario is absurd.