Aleppo liberated


During yesterday's meeting of the UN Security Council Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin announced the full release of Aleppo, after four years of terrorist authority. He stressed that, however, the operation continued, now it was its humanitarian phase.


Large-scale anti-terrorist operations began in the city on November 15th, exactly one month ago, which became a big surprise for the West, which continued to carefully protect the Jebhat al-Nusra terrorist organization. This, in some ways, brought the first victory. After so-called consultations with the Western coalition, the terrorists were left periodically “guessing” about these and other classified data.

However, despite the West’s support, which some countries no longer even tried to hide by the end of the operation, the terrorists did not last even a month. This forms a striking contrast between Washington’s four-year-long “struggle” and the rapid and victorious Russian-Syrian operation.

Mosul and Palmyra

However, the liberation of Aleppo has been somewhat overshadowed by the fact that terrorists have managed to seize some areas of Palmyra. Terrorist forces were transferred from Iraqi Mosul and Syrian Raqqa, which were “zones of responsibility” of the Western coalition, for this PR operation. Moreover, some political and military leaders are speaking about a direct link between the end of the active phase of the West’s operation and the terrorist attack on Palmyra.

On the other hand, all sides recognize that this ancient city is not as strategic as Aleppo. However, in a situation in which the information-psychological war is becoming more important than real combat, the terrorists’ actions could bear fruit.


Of course, it is too early to talk about the end of the war, but the certain turn in this situation is evident. Now, after the expulsion of terrorists from Palmyra, the main fight can turn to Idlib, to where terrorists have been evacuated for a long time.

The liberation of Idlib, which is now an ISIS stronghold situated near the coastal zone, might be the next target of Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov. According to some reports, the Russian defense ministry expects to send the ship to the port at the beginning of February. Moreover, at the same time this report appeared, the early liberation of Aleppo was obvious. Accordingly, the Russian aircraft carrier will remain for another month near the Syrian shores - perhaps, as can be logically assumed, with the aim of ensuring a large-scale operation.

But in this case, if the operation in Idlib is successful, it will be possible to talk about a fundamental turning point and, in fact, about the imminent end of the war. However, some Western and Arab analysts are already talking about the fact that Syria may be free in the spring.