Aggravation of military operations in Afghanistan


On August 21, Kabul launched rockets. The authorities carried out a retaliation operation, two militants were liquidated.

The attack occurred during the speech of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, timed to the holiday of Eid al-Adha.

In general, the situation in Afghanistan is far from stable. Only in recent months, militants have regularly captured police and military facilities.

The current situation

The war lasts more than 16 years. Among the main actors in Afghanistan are government forces, the Taliban, ISIS, the West. The Taliban, as a rule, refuse to dialogue with official authorities, considering them to be the puppet government of Washington. The Taliban are fighting against everyone, but they periodically come into contact.

Key negotiations, accompanied by periodic armistice (for example, on Muslim holidays), concern the recognition of the Taliban by the government as an official political group.

At the same time, the Taliban are at war with the ISIS, and it was not unsuccessful - in the spring there were active offensives, last month they managed to knock out terrorists from the province of Jauzjan, separate fights were conducted in Sari-Pul and Faryab. In addition to the fact that the groups are at war, they periodically organize terrorist acts against each other.

All recent attacks by the Taliban are called "against the American invaders and their spies", and they have increased the territories controlled by them. In May, Dashti-Kala was captured in northern Afghanistan, positions were strengthened in the southern provinces of Logar, Nangarhar and Helmand, as well as in the provinces of Kunduz, Jauzjan and Parvan.

The Taliban have already taken the Afghan Oykhonim and the border checkpoint bordering with the Tajik territory, after which the Tajik authorities were forced to stop the Kokul checkpoint at the border.

Against this background, it is sometimes difficult to understand who is responsible for this or that terrorist act. And the other day there were tragic events in the private academy of Mawood, where 48 people died, about 67 injured - neither ISIS nor the Taliban took responsibility for the attack. The academy was blown up by an unknown suicide bomber.