Russia, Week 12


The anniversary of Crimea rejoining Russia was celebrated throughout Russia with a series of concerts, meetings and films. The latest polls (by the pro-Ukrainian GfK) show that 93% of Crimeans strongly support the fact that their Republic joined Russia a year ago after a Referendum in which over 96% voted to rejoin Russia, with over 83% of residents taking part in the Referendum. Since the 18th century Crimea has always been part of Russia, and was undemocratically transferred to Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1954. The people of Crimea have suffered forced Ukrainization by nationalistic authorities in Kiev since 1991 and finally their dream came true last year. Russian leadership made it clear that the country is prepared to defend Crimea with all its means, including, if necessary, nuclear weapons. Zbigniew Brzezinski, speaking at the forum of the German Marshall Institute in Brussels, has recently stated that, in his opinion, Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in the Crimea. He has previously suggested that the West should “pour weapons and troops into the nations that surround Russia, in order to avoid a nuclear conflict: deterrence, he argued, is the way to peace; anything less than sending in troops and weapons now would be weakness and would invite World War III.” Under the influence of a very powerful “war party” (neocons, etc.) both the US Congress and the EU Parliament, as well as the global mainstream mass media are putting pressure on the leadership of Western countries to take a more aggressive stance against Russia.


Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov's assassination in the very heart of Moscow continues to be heavily used by the mainstream Western media and leaders to further demonize Putin and Russia. It is obvious that this event was very beneficial for those international forces which are waging an information war against Russia and its leader, but was absolutely unadvantageous for President Putin. This, coupled with the heavy theatrical aspect of the murder (in the middle of the bridge facing the Kremlin provides the best pictures for CNN, BBC, etc.) leads many analysts to believe that the initiator of this assassination is to be found not in Russia, but abroad, and that the situation represents a classic example of an “effects-based operation” so frequently used by the leading Western secret services. Investigators have found some evidence demonstrating that this murder could have been committed by a group of pro-Ukraine Chechen militants, inspired by their foreign supervisors.


A Tannhäuser opera performance in the regional Russian city of Novosibirsk has caused a storm of controversy due to the blasphemous appearance of Jesus Christ among a group of naked prostitutes in the grotto of the pagan goddess Venice, and a poster with a Crucifix placed between the legs of a naked woman. This “modern” interpretation of the classical Wagner opera was created by a young theater director Kulyabin with the help of the State funding provided to him by the Ministry of Culture. After a legal complaint had been filed by the local Orthodox Bishop and a series of street protests had been held, a heated public debate has begun. Russian liberal “progressives,” with active support from the Western mainstream media, are defending their right for “freedom of art/culture” from the “reactionary obscurantists and clericals.” The whole situation looks like a direct continuation of the “Pussy Riot” and “Femen” attacks on the Church with the support of their major liberal sponsors (e.g. George Soros, etc.). Russia made offending religious believers a criminal offence in 2013. The Ministry of Culture has recently asked the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater to change provocative elements of the Tannhäuser show and to issue an apology to anyone offended.


“The current conflict in Ukraine is the first LGBT war, and not the last one,” according to one Ambassador to Russia of a leading Western country. The very powerful LGBT lobby imposes its agenda as a necessary condition for any country to have closer ties with the EU. Mass manifestations against vastly unpopular gay pride parades, so called “non-discrimination laws,” unnatural gender ideologies, and sex education in schools and kindergartens take place in Georgia, Serbia, Moldova, etc. Under the new pro-EU Ukrainian Government (that came to power as a result of a Western-sponsored illegitimate coup) a whole set of LGBT friendly laws and practices are being imposed on Ukrainian society without any public discussion. In sharp contrast, the Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimean republics clearly defend natural family values and traditional moral principles.