The common moral background in Europe have to be changed to fight the terrorism

- How the world should fight against the terrorism?

- The main means is to change the common moral background in Europe. Instead of bullying sacred things, producing pornography, including child one, different kind of wickedness, we must promote goodness, discretion, chastity, love our neighbors. So we will deprive the ISIS of pretensions that they use to recruit new members. As their main argument is: “look at Europe, look at their TV, look at what their youth writing on the Internet. Do you want the same thing here? We must destroy them, because they are not humans. They are animals; they have no clue of blasphemy, of moral standards. Instead of dressing, they walk naked on the street, even women.” If we come back to a normal Christian morality, then it knocks out the bottom out of terrorists. But otherwise, of course, we will face the war of the complete destruction. And it is unclear who will become a winner. As the city war will be a guerrilla. And I doubt a lot that there would be many French people who is ready to explode them self for their right cause, for their values . Forces are unequal. And now, thanks to our transatlantic brothers and partners, there are even more refugees in Europe. As we can see, they are not women and children; they are healthy young men, up to 40 years old, tight-muscled. They need just some arm, little more knowledge of the right ISIS ideology. Missiles are useless in the case. The machine gun is used against machine gun. The modern world just lost its faith; it can offer anything to Islam to attract the attention of young people.

- It offers tolerance. That's its idea of goodness, isn’t it?

- Everyone knows what tolerance means. It is the inability to resist microbes and viruses. Of course, I do not support such tolerance for nothing. Russia has the ideal of tolerance; there have never been any no religious war. Therefore, it has no ground, because we have quite good relationship between the religious communities: Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian. We look at each other with interest, we greet each other. We have no antagonism. In Europe, the tolerance is completely false. It is showed by the attitude towards refugees, and by the Charlie Hebdo. Its whole tolerance doesn’t hold water, especially if water is contaminated, as we can see now practically in every European country. It's all false. Don’t even think that Muslims don’t feel it.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda