The False Powers And The Real Statesman

No one could tell them anything because they were always covering its power with the weapons, killing those who oppose them or misusing the language for propaganda. All of this is obvious for decades. By one of the latest sick shows, West is trying to cover its wrongdoings in orchestrated media campaigns against “extreme terrorist”, but with support to “moderate terrorists”(?!).Western alliance of the weak also tries to turn upside down what is really happening world wide. At the end of the day, it is all stupid. Apart of being cruel and criminal. The lack of mind, wisdom and courage in conducting big or small tasks, just made it easier for those who use mind, who think, who try to act within the frames of respecting lives, laws and world in a whole. Not once Western “powers” were calling others to see the “big picture”. These days' reality is a witness of how their “big picture” is void. The twisted minds of Western Presidents, Prime Ministers, their fancy, but brainless advisers came out like never before in the most unexpected place for them all. They thought it was enough to keep UN under the siege for decades. They thought it is easy to maintain status quo at the dismantled international institutions just because they want to. The Western quasi-elite blinded by financial power based on US paper dollar (which means nothing solid) is imploding. If quasi elite was counting on production of insanity and chaos, it had to know, at least their well paid, “bright minded” strategists and advisers should know, that natural cosmic order does not care for the bank accounts or banks ownership and it could not care less for those whose only power lies in properties of goods, commodities, utilities or paper money, defended by death tools... Henry Kissinger's and Zbigniew Brzezinski's and their stupid obsession with power are failing big, finally. It was about time.

Yes, stupidity can not be destroyed, but every time when stupidity underestimates reason it fails. It is easy to drag stupidity into various games. It likes games. It likes to be told that it is not stupid. It likes to act like it is not stupid. But, that theatre started to be boring. No one wants to sit until the end of that show. Some want to throw rotten eggs on the stage while stupid are trying to play smart. But, stupidity is not able to see further than its nose, even if it is a big nose. Being self-sufficient, stupidity does not know when it is enough. The other characteristic of stupid mind is that it thinks that everyone is stupid and that it can act endlessly by using the same methods, the same manners and the same tools. But, luckily, stupidity underestimated common sense, again, and now, common sense strikes back. Common sense started to appear in the places where stupidity used to play main role. One of them is United Nations HQ, an international inter-governmental organization built on a private property of the family which is known mostly by its cunningness, greed and unreasonable lust for power. Cunningness, greed and lust for power are signs of deep personal disturbance. Since that family has been raising its progeny to develop those characteristics as the most important, the generations of new stupid are born and power has been transferred from stupid to stupid. Until it was enough to the rest of the world, which does not nourish stupidity as the main course. The false power based on stupidity has been suddenly confronted with the real power, based on reason, common sense, ethics and solid arguments which follow and take into consideration real situation, real life, not one from the Western mainstream media, the poor bribed puppets of the false power.

The speech of President of The Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin at the UN's General Assembly Session has been widely broad casted, shared, quoted. The most popular sentence of his speech became: “Do you realise what you've done?” referring to the Western false war against terror. Even Western puppet media were ready to show it. It is not because of their ethical norms, it is their deceiving strategy to wash away the guilt in advance, that they can be trusted in future in some other lies and constructed stories. This is the small trade with emotions and believes which they always do in order to get attention and trust for further activities. But, again, stupidity can not rule for ever. Especially if its only argument lies in financial power and financial power is based on false values.

Even if USA's present presidential puppet, Mr. Obama, has been avoiding to meet President of The Russian Federation, Mr. Putin, for a very long time, it was to be let to the clocks to flow and to bring some important date in the world history, which will make some things inevitable to happen. Obama's stupid advisers told him that it is not of some use to publicly shake hands with Mr. Putin, because that is how he will transfer importance and power to Mr. Putin. As if the puppet had any power without being switched on every morning. As if the president of the biggest country on the Earth needs confirmation of power from a puppet. The shallowness of USA administration is visible more and more every day. Their ignorant concept of power discovers deeply frustrated individuals, disturbed personalities and alliance of the weak which stick together and the only thing which keeps them together is their fear. Fear that their stupidity, lack of mind and vision will be exposed. But it was exposed, especially in the last couple of days. The fast downfall of Western domination started at the UN's General Assembly session at the end of Septmber That session market 70 years of UN. It continues these days in The Middle East. Contradictory reactions of Western puppet media, several times per day, just prove it.

Although everyone in the world stage was aware that UN's General Assembly session is very near and almost happening, any appropriate attention was paid to prior to the event in global mainstream media. As if they wanted to prepare the general public for their false stories, orchestrated at the session. If asked “why?” before the General Assembly of UN session, the answer might be accurate or not. But, now after the session, the answer is the only possible: West did not paid its attention or found it important to consider that event and to announce it as top priority because West does not consider UN an international body of top priority. West considers UN its silly puppet throughout the years it just proves, again, that West had no intention to stick to UN documents and to act toward the principles given there. It was not addressed to, as an important power controller in many problematic inter-state conflicts, in military interventions or other kind of violent events on The Globe. Even NATO avoids to address to UN in some of its very edgy or even illegal operations. What does it say about someone's power, if one skips very important international body in the process of acting as a international military power? And, what does it say about, as it is claimed, the most powerful military alliance worldwide? It just says that it is not such a power and that it does not want to respect some others than its internal norms shaped for its shallow interests. What more can be said about military alliance, acting with the lack of military honour? It simply ceases to be military. It becomes international illegal weapon dealer which, comparing to other weapon dealers has very big and powerful propaganda and administration machinery which covers up its illegal operations. Not only NATO goes to bomb around, but it announces it in Western friendly global mainstream media, sign some papers, force some other people to sign some papers and then go to play war games with real weaponry, drones and with the real people. That is so called “power”. Not to mention false military honour and lack of courage.

Reality shows that whoever plays big games based on false power, will fail big. It tries to drag lots of people into its misery to cover up its responsibility. It would try to exercise its power by breaking all the norms and rules justifying all with the false care for others. Breaking the rules, justified by emotional blackmail, is not a sign of power, it is sign of the weak and stupid. It would put lots of people in life danger to cover up own wrongdoings. It would kill, it would destroy, it would announce it as necessary for the salvation of mankind and it will think that by announcing it, will wash away all of its responsibility. But it is not possible any more. That attitude is unmasked, at the rostrum of the UN's General Assembly session. Maybe the alliance of the weak did not expect it to happen there, but that is how natural cosmic order works. It shows its celestial mechanics on the spots where certain humans overplay and fudge that it is them who rule the world, who rule the others, who rule nature and planet, not only Earth, but Mars, as well.

The crucial sentence told during the UN's General Assembly session is: “...Indeed, power is based on self conceit and belief that exceptionality and impunity have never been abandoned...” This sentence came in Mr. Putin's speech right after so much quoted: ”Do you know what you've done?”. And there is so precise definition of what is the substance of power of so called developed world, so called Western democracies. As President of Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin said very clearly and accurately, it is self conceit or exceptionality which drives Western bureaucracies, so called states and governments.

Martin Heidegger, German philosopher who demystified Euro Atlantic power at the very beginning of its rise wrote: “The new method of thinking is going to be made by very careful use of language”. The President of The Russian Federation showed how it is possible to talk very clearly, based on arguments. This is what happens when one respects humans, their minds, common sense. The language, as one of the basic tools for human communication is brought back to its roots and to its real use. For people to understand each other, to do things and to name them as they are. Not for deceiving, sick propaganda and lies for the sake to maintain false power of disturbed individuals.

Germans did not understand the value of their own great man. The German attitude toward Martin Heidegger is a good example how Germany allowed to the owners of false power to drag it away from its culture, to give it a burden of their own responsibility, to make it a puppet. A century after that, Germany can not drag itself away from that vicious circle. Luckily, there are those who are nourishing the forgotten German great mind and apply his bright ideas into a real politics and diplomacy, as The President of Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin showed in just one sentence.