Obama Orchestrated Ukraine Coup to Re-Start Cold War and Prevent Russia from Leading Global Revolt Against LGBT Agenda

Preface by Julio Severo: Seeing the relentless advance of the gay agenda in the U.S., several American evangelical leaders are investing in the spread of a resistance in other nations. Last year, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is the largest homosexualist group in the U.S., issued a report entitled “Export of Hate,” denouncing American Christian leaders who, contrary to the official U.S. foreign policy promoting the gay agenda around the world, are promoting a global resistance to this agenda.

Of course, when the Evil itself calls it “Export of Hate” is exactly the contrary. Real “Export of Hate” — hate for family, children and Christians — is the U.S. government funding homosexual activism around the world.

I miss the days when the biggest U.S. export was the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the blessing of the U.S. government. Today, it is sodomy…
The number 1 enemy in the HRC report is Rev. Scott Lively, author of “Pink Swastika,” who has distinguished himself by inspiring Russians to take a solid stand against the Western homosexualist policies. The report also points that in addition to Russia, he also travels to Uganda, Eastern Europe and England.

So if the largest homosexual organization in the world says that Lively is the number 1 enemy of the global gay agenda, Lively’s insights are extremely important for international pro-family leaders. I strongly encourage you to read and distribute his prophetic warning below:

I have come to believe that Obama orchestrated the Ukraine coup to re-start the cold war to prevent Russia from leading a global revolt against his most sacred cow, the LGBT agenda. While there were clearly important geo-political factors in Obama’s decision to initiate regime change in Ukraine, I am convinced that the primary impetus was to nip opposition to the international LGBT political steamroller in the bud. I have written about that topic here.

Now comes evidence that Obama pal George Soros (funder of the Marxist law firm suing me for “Crimes Against Humanity” for preaching against homosexuality in Uganda) is a key puppet master in the Ukraine civil war, something I have publicly surmised without proof, until now.
Unfortunately, Obama’s strategy has worked and Russia has been forced from its former trajectory toward global cooperation with the west into an increasingly adversarial posture as Obama and the GOP Establishment Neo-Cons (united by perversion) continue to portray Russia as a pariah state while simultaneously attempting “regime change“ within its borders.

I believe a consequence of the “punish Russia” strategy is (dangerously for Israel) the transformation of Iran into the key player of the Middle East and the US has been forced to become a suitor (e.g. the sweetheart nuke deal) to our “former” arch-enemy in an attempt to thwart the strengthening of Russian/Iranian relations as Russia turns eastward away from the cold shoulder of the west. And, of course, (dangerously for us) Russian/Chinese relations have warmed considerably for the same reason.

I place the blame for this disturbing transformation squarely at the feet of Obama, whose allegiance to the LGBT agenda supersedes all other concerns, even the very real and growing risk of nuclear war.

I still believe that Russia offers an albeit imperfect model for the west on standing up to the Cultural Marxists but with the US push toward revival of the cold war, the incessant anti-Russian propaganda in the western media, and Russia’s increasing political shift to the east, I hold less hope for an international Russian-led cultural revolution in family values.

Ironically, however, if any hope remains, it may be kept alive by Ukraine, itself. As an astute political observer of my acquaintance recently noted, Kiev thought the West offered them bread but instead gave them LGBT propaganda. Now Ukrainians are protesting in the streets against the “gay” agenda.

Obama might yet fail in poisoning the western world against Russia, as he has failed in so many areas of foreign policy. I for one would like to see a restoration of the cooperative trends we saw in US/Russian relations before Obama decided to sabotage them, and in the aftermath of that failure I think unity on family values would go a long way toward healing the rift he has exacerbated between Russia and Ukraine and toward weakening the US/EU perversion agenda in the rest of Eastern Europe and the Baltics.

Portuguese version of this article: Obama orquestrou golpe na Ucrânia para reiniciar a guerra fria e impedir a Rússia de liderar revolta mundial contra a agenda LGBT