The war on Donbass can be Stopped Only by Russia and USA

by Eliseo Bertolasi

I just returned from Donetsk and can tell you about my fresh personal impression. At first glance, the city seems calm, but this is only an illusion. The air hangs with tension, everyone understands that the escalation of the conflict can break out at any moment as happened in February.

To Whom does the Great Patriotic War Belong?

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Among many contrasting groups of Russophiles in Serbia, the dominant two confronted groups are, on the one side, those who recognize only the Russian Empire, and therefore Russia only up until 1917, and on the other hand, those who from Russia’s h

The Silent Scream of the Neocons


Because the ownership class of America wields actual power, instead of the delegated authority that the Neocons have mistaken for power, their screams of anguish will come to naught.

Greek Default: To Be or Not To Be?

Backgroung source: pixabay.com Author: Etereuti

The situation in Greece is a little bit complicated. You should remember that Greece is not an independent nation-state anymore. It has become a protectorate of Germany, the EU, and the International Monetary fund.