U.S. THAAD Paradox in South Korea


After mass protests in Sonzhu province, the location of the deployment  for the American missile defense system has been changed.

John Kerry's tour in Indochina

The US State Secretary is now on a visit to Cambodia. Before he was in Laos. The main purpose of the trip is to form a closer relationship to the United States and to contain China and the possible engagement of new countries in the region in its economic projects such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Paradoxically, after Laos and Cambodia, John Kerry will go to China on Wednesday. This time, the official agenda will be the "deterrence of North Korea."

U.S.: Trends and Forecast for 2016


In 2015, the United States demonstrated an increasing inability to offer a global scenario of a world order. In contrast to the mid 20th century, the current political elites are unable to offer any project, either within the state or in the international arena.