Trump delighted with his justification in Russiagate


The US Department of Justice announced the conclusion of an investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller regarding a possible deal between Donald Trump and his electoral headquarters with Moscow before the presidential elections in the U

Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump


In the United States started the election race. And if among the Republicans no one rises more than the figure of Donald Trump, then the Democrats have their old favorite.

Trump vs. OPEC: What will happen to oil prices


Donald Trump is radically different from his predecessors as president of the United States. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama pursued a completely different economic policy, pursuing America's hegemony in other ways.

Failed Negotiations: Whose Fault?


In order to meet with Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un overcame half of Asia. He traveled 66 hours on his armored train, reaching the Sino-Vietnamese border, where he drove into a limousine and, accompanied by 30 cars, moved to Hanoi.