Paul Craig Roberts - The great challenge for President Trump


World-known professor, political and business expert Dr. Paul Craig Roberts shares with us his opinion on what could be the next decisions and challenges of the 45th President of the United States.

We can already see that Donald Trump is willing to make radical changes in American policy. Just in a couple weeks, he has already signed a few very controversial executive orders which have caused an hysterical reaction from the liberal swamp.


Alexander Azadgan - Countries Need Borders


This was another very confrontational and controversial approach by Mr. Trump.

Actually, the cost of this wall is minuscule - it's between $8 billion and $ 25 billion, which is really nothing when it comes to the federal budget. Most likely, it's going to cost about $15 billion.

Trump, Russia and Novorossiya


We must not fool ourselves and think that the new American President Trump will be a real friend of Russia. He will work to "make America great again", and that contradicts any wishes of substantially better relations with Russia.

Paul Craig Roberts - Trump's Declaration of War


The fallowing is a video interview script


I think it was a great inauguration speech, probably the best that any president has ever given. But it was a declaration of war against the entirety of the ruling American establishment.

He rejected globalism, he rejected the neoconservatives, he rejected the offshoring of jobs, and he rejected bankruptcy - he rejected everybody that is part of the ruling establishment.

Therefore, he has in effect declared war on the ruling establishment, and we will see if he can really defeat them - that will be a real test.