Silk Road

Reconnecting Central Asia


The Central Asian Republics have been historically connected to the world through the ancient Silk Road, situated at the crossroads of East Asia, West Asia, South Asia and Europe, their location is excellent for trade.

2017 Forecast: China


China will have to confront the Three T’s of Trump, trade, and Taiwan, as well as the progressively unfolding and American-provoked New Cold War that it’s involved in with India, but Beijing could make positive geopolitical progress so long as its New Silk Road plans in Pakistan and ASEAN aren’t derailed by Hybrid War.

China: Greater Eurasia Scenarios


Officially termed the One Belt One Road plan but colloquially referred to in the international press as The New Silk Roads, China’s global strategy is to tie itself together with all of its partners in a complex system of mutual economic interdependence that can provide a sustainable outlet for its domestic overcapacity.