Donald Trump

Admiral Soner Polat: Erdogan's Party May Lose Supporters


Vatan Partisi (Patriotic Party) struggled for no front in the referendum. In  the aftermath of election, VP applied to the High Election Committe to cancel the election due to the usage of unstamped envelopes which violated relevant election law.

Manila sends a message to both Beijing and Washington

By PCOO EDP ([1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

President of the United States Donald Trump has unexpectedly decided to show his "talent as a commander." At first, in Syria and now on the Far Eastern front, by sending a shock group led by the aircraft carrier "Karl Vinson" to the shores o

The Struggle for the Soul of Humanity

By Corrado Giaquinto

There is a real straggle now for the soul of humanity. And for me, because I am a Jew and Israeli, the role that Jews play in this entire world conflict is essential. As usual, Jews are a kind of in the middle of both sides. And that is a very interesting situation.