Sergey Latyshev

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The Reason Why Jewish Voters Decide to Vote for “Anti-Semites” and “Fascists” in Germany 25.04.2017 English
The ruling parties in Germany lose voters 24.08.2018 English
The US and Slavery 18.12.2018 English
Trump began the NATO summit with scandal 11.07.2018 English
Trump compared to Hitler to be removed as de Gaulle 23.08.2017 English
Trump Expelled the US Attorney General to Avoid Empeachment 07.11.2018 English
Trump made concessions from China in a trade war 12.12.2018 English
Trump urged the military general to save his administration from the collapse 02.08.2017 English
Trump wants to send 12 million people out of the US 26.06.2018 English
Trump's "Pyrrhic victory" 28.06.2017 English
Trump's speech in Poland: The West has two enemies - Islamic terrorism and Russia 10.07.2017 English
Two divisions of radical Islamists are formed in Germany 13.10.2017 English
US intelligence agencies against Trump 20.08.2018 English
US officially start impeachment proceedings against Trump 17.07.2017 English
US want to strangulate Venezuela with the help of neighbors 21.09.2017 English
USA - EU: trade war is canceled. For now 27.07.2018 English
USA-Germany: The Great Split 31.05.2017 English
What is the Purpose of the United States for Withdrawing Troops from Afghanistan? 06.03.2019 English
What should Trump do to win the congressional elections and avoid impeachment 19.10.2018 English
Who wants to pit Trump and Pence 20.11.2018 English
Why Between Russia and Greece Emerged The Split 08.08.2018 English
Why do German leaders have security problems? 30.01.2019 English
Why Does Israel Want to "Mate" With the European Right? 20.02.2019 English
Why does the US scare the world with the Third World War 25.12.2018 English
Why is climate disasters still a serious problem for America? 17.09.2018 English